Choosing Your Photographer

As photographers, we can emphasize how important selecting the right photographer is, but the bride and groom must form their own conclusion in choice for their wedding day.

STYLE! Every studio, every photographer has his or her own style, and each couple should be comfortable with their photographer’s approach for the wedding. Some photographers are more portrait oriented, other more photojournalist in approach. As wedding photographers, it is our duty to combine our style with the couple’s wishes to create the wedding collection they will cherish for many years to come.

CREDENTIALS! Membership in professional associations, foremost Professional Photographers of America. Look for a studio that has excelled in the field of weddings.
Professional degrees as well as state, regional, and national awards make it obvious that this studio is a leader in the field of photography.

ENTHUSIAM! Yes, enthusiasm. Whether the bride is a professional model or not, the wedding date is not a modeling session, but a very special, joyous, sacred, scare and happy day all rolled into one gigantic event!

Wouldn’t it be nicer to spend it in front of a camera in the hands of a happy photographer? Seek out the photographer that you can enjoy spending the day with, without the photographer being a hindrance. Remember, the person capturing the images of your wedding day can be an active part of your celebration, or a pain elsewhere! Find the photographers that are fun to be around, and your party pictures will indeed be fun to enjoy!