You’ll Still Like Us After…

The Wedding Album is Delivered!

 ……Brides, grooms, and their families tell Marian & Mike – you should add this one important line to your advertising

Licensed in Virginia and North Carolina for over two decades, more than 2500 couples have entrusted Custom Photography with the privilege of capturing the photographic memories of their special celebrations.  From a humble beginning as a weekend business in 1984, today they are still a mom & pop simple formula business…photographing over one hundred weddings each year full time…but one at a time with a high degree of quality and service. Look back in an old Hampton Roads phone book from the 80’s or 90’s, and you’ll see the same listing for Marian & Mike that exists today.  The quality has grown – the service has remained constant.

 Recently in a national media survey, Hampton Roads was rated near the bottom for customer service.  In this “fast food” world we live in, isn’t it refreshing that the Linetts can often be found at ten o’clock in the evening working with a bride on the layout of her wedding album.  Marian & Mike have been told by others in the wedding industry that they work way too hard.

 It is quite understandable why the Linetts photograph more sisters, brothers, and close friends of previous brides and grooms. When others in the wedding industry need a wedding photographer, it is Marian & Mike who they call upon to capture the memories of their special day.

 While 2500 weddings have given them the experience, practice and education to get the job done right, they’re fun to work with.  In Virginia, North Carolina, and National photographic competitions, the Linetts’ images have earned top awards and set the standard others have tried to duplicate.

Marian & Mike have mentored and instructed at over 120 regional, state and national photographic seminars in 38 states in the past two decades.  Both have earned their Photographic Craftsman Degrees through Professional Photographers of America. Marian is one of the only women in Virginia and North Carolina earning her livelihood in the wedding field who has earned Masters Degrees from both Professional Photographers of America and Wedding Portrait Photographers International.   In 2001, Marian was awarded the PPA National Award.    The Linetts have also earned their Fellowship order Celebrex of Photography Degrees in both North Carolina and Virginia.  After earning their degrees, Marian and Mike have continued to attend photographic conventions both in the role of speaker/instructor and also as students remembering there is always something new to learn in the photographic industry.

Remember to include the Linetts on the invitation list for your celebration …THEY WANT TO BE A PART OF YOUR WEDDING

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